Vannbasert Gullgrunn Lefranc Charbonnel 118ml

PrisNOK265,00 inkl. mva.


Water Based Gilding Mixture is a liquid glue adhesive. It is used to fix gold leaf and other precious metal leaf to wood and plaster.

Featuring a mixture of acrylic and vinyl resins, it is only suitable for interior work.

After you have applied the gilding mixture to your surface, you should wait at least 15 mins before fixing your gold leaf. The mixture will remain receptive to the leaf for up to 24 hours after application.

When working with absorbent surfaces, we recommended that you first apply a base layer diluted to 20% with water, then add a second undiluted thin layer.

After drying, the surface that has not received gold leaf may remain sticky. Cover these areas with a water based varnish.

For this type of application of gold leaf, you should not use a burnisher.